The Offshore Agency Prettin produces headers and complete exhaust systems for BPM engines. For the most efficient and durable result, these systems are developed in close co-operation with BPM and tested on their in-house dyno.

Our water-jacketed headers system with a special tuned tube to each cylinder, allows a high performance engine to breeze unrestricted and produce its maximum full power.

The BPM V-8 Vulcano 450 H engine with a headers system gains more than 102 hp, compared to a standard exhaust, where all cylinder outlets directly meet in one single tube.

We build the complete headers exhaust systems from special high temperature and seawater-resistant stainless steel. It can be custom-made and installed in most of the existing engine rooms.

The optional exhaust diverter, allows the selection of over- or underwater outlet for noise reduction.

Please contact us and we will supply you with further details. info@o-a-p.com