BPM has more than 50 years’ experience in constructing and producing not only high performance marine engines but also surface drives, V-gearing and propeller shafts. Today’s V-8 and V-12 cylinder engines, designed, developed and constructed by BPM are made from seawater resistant-aluminium, exclusively used for maritime purposes.

Thanks to this highly sophisticated tuning, BPM engines are outstanding in performance, torque, weight and fuel consumption.

Each BPM engine, new or overhauled, has undergone long and thorough in-house dyno tests before reaching the customer. In our opinion this is the only way to guarantee highest performance and top quality.

When exclusive boatyards, such as RIVA or ABBATE, constuct high performance applications, BPM is their first choice. The same goes for Class I, most racing boats are equipped with BPM products.