The Offshore Agency Prettin has been specialising in powerboats for the last 20 years, offering a full range of services covering all aspects in the world of high performance powerboats. To own such a powerboat is a challenge and our aim is to assist you in mastering this challenge.

The production and installation of marine exhaust Headers and custom exhaust systems, getting out the maximum power of a boat engine, is a sector we are extremely proud to serve.

The Offshore Agency Prettin is the dealer appointed to BPM and sole proprietor of the SENNA 42 EVOLUTION concept.

SENNA 42 EVOLUTION is a highly sophisticated powerboat developed to perfection by the Offshore Agency Prettin and their partners. SENNA 42 EVOLUTION is a powerboat designed for people attracted to technical excellence, which requires handling perfection.

In the south of Mallorca we offer the full range of services required to ensure reliability and lasting value.