The Offshore Agency Prettin carries out high performance rigging and servicing, as well as new and used high performance boat sales.

We deliver and install new or overhauled engines and drives. Boat restauration, improvement and  tuning is our job. We produce exhaust Headers and complete custom Exhaust Systems.

All BPM engine-related work is carried out by Offshore Agency Prettin in close co-operation with BPM.

As far as powerboats are concerned we undertake all maintenance work, repairs, conservation and storage.

In the south of Mallorca, the powerboats under Offshore Agency Prettins maintenance contract are stored indoors, perfectly protected against sun and dirt. The powerboat is cleaned, de-salted and conserved by Offshore Agency Prettin experts. The powerboat is only put in water when used by the owner, who receives it checked, fuelled and tested.

As long as the owner is offshore the Offshore Agency Prettin is on standby.