V-12  620



The BPM  V-12 620 engine is a normally aspirated, all-alloy V-12, outstanding in performance, torque and weight. This engine has been developed and built exclusively for one purpose only: reliable, high performance marine application.

The engine block and cylinder heads are made from saltwater-resistant aluminium, cylinder liners, guides and valve seats are machined in. The camshaft is driven by two silent-operation chains and the valves are in a V-arrangement.

The engine is standard equipped with an ELECTROMOTIVE Direct Ignition System (without distributor) and the fuel is supplied by an electric pump and six WEBER carburettors. Delivery with an electronic fuel injection system is optional.

There is direct cooling; an indirect system with heat exchanger is also optional. Transmission can be with hydraulic or mechanic inverter, with a ratio 1:1 or 1.5:1.


Number of cylinder / angle

12-V /  60 degree


730 cubic inches

Bore and stroce

4.33 x 4.13 in.

 V.12 / 620 S                                              Horsepower

630 at 4500 rpm


767 ft./lbs. at 3,650 rpm

Compression ratio

8.7 : 1

 V.12 / 620 SH                                         Horsepower

750 at 4800 RPM


810 ft./lbs. at 3,800 rpm

Compression ratio

9.2 : 1

Dry weight (without inverter)

1212 lbs.

V-12 620 S  with indirect cooling system and heat exchanger